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Sheep casing

The casing with the tender crispy bite...

Sheep casings are the most tender and thinnest type of natural casing. It´s the most difficult to select and handle.The casing has a totally unique crispy bite. It´s not so strange that the most expensive sausages are made in a sheep casings. In Sweden the main volume for sheep casings goes to Wiener sausages, Frankfurters, Prince sausages, Fresh sausages, Beer sticks and canned sausages.

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Product number Name from (kr)
1820LAH Sheep casing 18/20 in bag 212,00
1820HTA Sheep casing 18/20 pipes overlapped 220,00
1820HTA25 Sheep casing 18/20 pipes overlapped 0,00
2022TT Sheep casing 20/22 trippel tubed 300,00
2022TT10 Sheep casing 20/22 trippel tubed 320,00
67 Sheep casing 10m in bag 65,00
2022LA Sheep casing 20/22 "Royal" in bag 265,00
2022HT Sheep casing 20/22 "Royal" pipes overlapped 260,00
2022AT Sheep casing 20/22 11-12 m tubed 280,35
2022TA12 Sheep casing 20/22 A Super tubed 262,00
2022J Sheep casing 20/22 in jar 288,48
2022TA Sheep casing 20/22 "Royal" tubed one end per tube 274,00
1217 Sheep casing 21/23 "Adas Special" in bag 272,00
2224T10T 317,90
2224LA Sheep casing 22/24 "Royal" in bag 320,00
2224T10C Sheep casing 22/24 10m+ tubed 317,90
2224TA12 Sheep casing 22/24 A Super tubed 346,00
2224J Sheep casing 22/24 in jar 318,00
2224HTA Sheep casing 22/24 pipes overlapped 214,40
2224T4 Sheep casing 22/24 7m+ tubed 325,00
2426T1 Sheep casing 24/26 (25/27) tubed 337,00
2628T Sheep casing 26/28 tubed 359,00
2810m Sheep casing 28+ 10 m salted in bag 120,54
2426T10T 320,00